To the start of a lifetime,



In two different ways, this session marked the start of something new. Natasha and John celebrate the beginning of a life together, where I was marking the beginning of my life in Michigan. This was my first session in Michigan since moving out of Colorado three weeks prior. I can't begin to count the blessings I've already ran into, Natasha & John being my first MI session definitely makes that list. We started our evening at Centennial Park in Holland. We had the perfect timing! It was the week before Tulip Fest, so all of the other tulips and flowers were in full bloom ready for us. They were ready for the butterflies that joined us, too! Next stop was Tunnel Park Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. We had a few sprinkles threatening rain, but embraced Mother Nature at her fullest wasting no time jumping around the water and running through the sand. N & J were the absolute best sports not questioning one thing I asked them to do. The locations, the weather, and most of all- the couple, made this the best intro photoshoot to my new home state I could ask for.