To my Type A soon-to-be weds,


(A girl who makes a checklist for everything)

By the time your big day gets here, you get what I like to call "wedding brain." Which is the wedding planning version of mom brain. In my experience it's very similar to the state of delirium you go through when you're beyond exhausted. Giggling at everything, not able to focus, and can't remember the smallest details to save your life. I vividly remember sitting in front of the priest during his homily at my wedding ceremony and the fact that I forgot to buy an ice cream scoop for the reception dessert table hit me outta nowhere. Wedding brain.

Needless to say, anywhere and everywhere you can have check lists, notes, or packing lists to refer to during the wedding planning process will save you so much unnecessary stress. Here, I compiled a list of all my morning of/getting ready for your wedding day must haves, giving you one less thing to have to think about.

Gathering any of these small details as early on in your planning process as possible lowers your risk of forgetting them as a last minute detail. Things that are important to a well oiled machine but don't strike you as a big wedding day object, like an ice cream scoop, is the perfect thing to make notes on as soon as it crosses your mind.

Each wedding day, couple, and packing list is unique, but here's a great starting point.

Your very own free wedding day packing list download:

  • vow books
  • emergency kit
  • sewing kit
  • toiletries
  • steamer
  • hair accessories
  • phone charger
  • stain remover pen
  • straws (sips save pretty lips!)
  • invitation suite
  • printed schedule
  • water bottles
  • snacks
  • veil
  • accessories
  • robe
  • shoes
  • dress
  • ring box
  • fancy hanger for dress pictures
  • perfume
  • speaker