To the real you,

Hi friend! I am honored to be chosen as your photographer. This is going to be a blast. Portrait sessions with me are a joy filled and stress free environment. You’ll get to be yourself, let loose a little, and make authentic memories with an ever lasting documentation of it all.


In this welcome guide you’ll find so much useful information, and probably the answers to any questions or curiosities you may have.


Portrait Welcome Guide

From, Rayna

Contact Information

I’m here for you through the entire prep and post process of your session. You are more than welcome to put me in a hot seat with all your questions and needs. To do so, please reach me via email.


I will almost always reply to emails within 24 hours. If you don't hear a response to me within that time frame, please reach out to me again.



When I was a sophomore in high school I started stealing my mom's "fancy" camera to take artsy pictures of my friends that I could post on Tumblr. Thank goodness almost all of those photos have been lost somewhere unfindable- for both of our sakes.

By the time I hit my senior year, my artistic ability had matured by lightyears and some of my friends asked me to take their senior portraits. I shot them in jpg format and edited them on a free software that I found online.. in other words, I was waaaay under qualified in the photography world.

BUT, those humble beginnings began a now six year journey to perfecting my photographic style, mastering the art of delivering joy in my sessions, and making people smile. With your portrait session, your gallery will be bright, true to color, and a reflection of yourself.


Portrait sessions are all about you. There are few times in life where the world stops to make sure the path is cleared for you. This is one of those times. A couple hours devoted to doing what you love, being in the places most special to you, and feeling like you're on top of the world. What's not to love?

Each portrait session I'm given the chance to connect with the most special people. I love the excuse it gives me to make people smile, turning strangers into friends.


Do you deliver every image you take?

I do not. I carefully cull through each photo I take during our session to select the best images. Each finished gallery is individually curated through my own personal creative process.

How many pictures will I receive in my gallery?

This answer will never be a precise number. It’s based upon how long your session lasts, how many locations we travel to, and many other variables. I can say that I average around 15-20 images per 30-45 minutes of shooting, but that is not a promise.

Will my pictures have a watermark on them?

No. Once you gain access to your gallery you’re welcome to print, post, and share your pictures as you’d like.
There is copyright to not allow any reproduction of your session's photos for financial gain.

Can my pet join us?

Oh my.. yes! I would love to meet your pet. I do ask for it to be well behaved, groomed, and trained for a leash, however. This way we can make sure no one’s clothes get paw prints, or that there won’t be a blur of fur running through the frame.

What if we get bad weather?

I'll look at the weather leading up to our session. If I see a lot of rain, snow, etc., forecasted I will reach out to reschedule so we can avoid it literally raining on our parade.

If we get rain when we're nearing the end of our session, I won't be able to reschedule your session, but we can always find cover for photographing.


Just like your outfit and props, the location of your photoshoot should reflect the people in it! If you’re a city person through and through, maybe you’d consider urban, downtown streets for the background. Or maybe you come from a long line of farmers and would love nothing more than to have some pictures on your family’s land. Choosing a special location helps make photos authentic to the subject and brings a smile before the camera even comes out.

When choosing a spot, there are a few good things to keep in mind. Open and airy areas are beautiful, but will look better in photos when there’s at least a little something in the background (hills, trees, skyline, rocks, etc.). You also don’t want it to be too busy behind you. Try avoiding locations with messy sidewalks or that there’s a steady stream of people walking past you. In any location, soft colored backgrounds are key to making the subject pop!

Click here to view previous portrait sessions of mine for inspiration on outfits, locations, props, and more!

I. Questionnaire

Fill out and send in your questionnaire. If any questions or curiosities arise from it on either side, I am so happy to set up a phone call to get it all figured out.


Return your signed contract with a 25% deposit. This will secure your session date. The remaining invoice amount is due the week before your session.

II. Planning

Once I receive that questionnaire back we can plan where you want to have your session and when. We’ll take care of all the nitty gritty (contract & invoice) and be set! Next, all you have to do is put this guide to use to ensure you’re about to have the best portrait pictures of all time.

III. Day Of

Make sure to arrive on site early! It takes a minute to get warmed up and ready to start. Session starts are typically scheduled around sunset, so every minute we wait, is a minute closer to not having light and eats into how many pictures you’ll receive in your final gallery.

IV. Gallery Delivery

In no more than eight weeks you'll receive a carefully curated, fully edited, digital gallery full of all your favorite moments from which you can download, print, and share.



If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, you won’t look confident in your photos. If there’s areas of your body you like covered, or want to show off, pick an outfit that adheres to that! Chances are we’ll be doing our fair share of walking around, sitting, and laying, so make sure you’re wearing something that feels comfortable. Don’t pick a clothing piece based upon its looks over practicality.


When you start to think you’re overdoing it.. think again! Often times in portraits, the more the merrier. Adding statement pieces, lengthy necklaces, stacking up the rings and bracelets, scarves, and hats makes a photo fun. Each accessory essentially becomes its own prop, making your pictures more personalized and opening the gate to more posing options.

add variety


Try to keep variations of three different colors in your palette. You don’t all want to be wearing the SAME color or pattern. You want to compliment, not match each other!

Avoid ultra bright colors, neon, and heavy patterns. These all take the attention away from your faces and smiles.



Layers and textures add a flattering kick to your look. Layering comes in handy in so many ways! If you wear a jacket, scarf, or something along the lines, you can rotate them mid-shoot and get multiple looks from one outfit. Textures can help in making your portraits pop by standing out against a flat background.


Here are a few tried and true pieces to get you started!

Dresses are flattering and photograph beautifully. Especially maxi dresses that cinch at your waist line.

Button up shirts and a nice pair of khakis for the boys look put together, sharp, and masculine.


  • Clothes are clean and wrinkle free
  • Bag packed with all your outfits and props
  • Water packed
  • Makeup bag packed
  • Sewing kit and safety pins packed
  • Hair spray and brush packed
  • Make sure to show up to your session 10 minutes early


Your images will be delivered through a digital gallery as high quality, carefully edited and curated, jpg files. On average, the turnaround is about 3 weeks. In the case that can’t happen, your guaranteed delivery date is within 8 weeks from your session.


You are granted access to every image in your gallery for unlimited printing, download, and sharing. It is your gallery. You’ll not be charged per photo.

MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD  your entire gallery to a personal device. Your digital gallery will expire in six months. You can only download the full gallery from a computer, not on a phone. Phones only allow for individual photo downloads (Side-note: Please do not screenshot images on your phone as that results in poor quality. Take the time to truly download it.) After downloading the full gallery, copy it to multiple places/devices.


Once your gallery is delivered and in your hands, those photos are yours! You can share the with whomever and wherever you’d like. You can share the entire gallery through the URL link, or share them through social media alike. When sharing, make sure to not apply any filters to the photos. And if it crosses your mind, tag me in them!




In my first photography class I took during college, my professor stated there’s no photo more permanent than one that’s printed. I thought they were crazy! A fire can’t burn down a digital file. But when you consider the control you have over physical objects vs. intangible files that only exist in a “cloud.” They were so right. I’m not saying digital copies are invaluable, rather stressing the importance of owning both.


Aside from logistics, there’s something so special about being able to hold a memory in your hands. It’s almost like time travel, where you can tangibly connect yourself to a certain feeling, person, or place. Printed photos can come in many forms- albums, frames, something to keep in your wallet. All with the ability to become heirlooms and passed down beyond generations. Who knows what digitalized platforms our kid’s kids will have. They’ll probably have cloud storage built into their brains. Either way, printed photos are something that never changes. I’ve seen pictures of my grandparents wedding day, as I’m sure my own kids will see someday too, and that just feels right.


You can print directly from your From, Rayna digital gallery, or download them to be printed at a preferred print store.


DO NOT use Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or any other drugstore to print your photos. These places manipulate colors to no end and diminish the high quality of the photos and hours spent on color grading and editing.



Pixieset (directly from your gallery)


Saal Photo



From the main viewing screen in your gallery, hover your cursor over the image you wish to print. Here you will see four white icons appear in the bottom right hand corner of the image. To purchase a print, click the first icon furthest to the left, a shopping bag.


After clicking the shopping bag, you'll be navigated to this screen. Here you can choose what size or why type of prints you'd like to order for your image.


After selecting the size/type of your print, you'll be able to crop it to your liking. Once satisfied with your product, click the "add to cart" button in the top right hand corner of your screen.


After adding all of your desired prints to your shopping cart, click the "proceed to checkout" button. You'll be asked to fill in your billing and shipping information, then the prints will be sent directly to you door!


Signature Photo Albums

An optional photo service available for add on to your package includes a Signature Photo Album. This service is fully curated and designed from front to back page using all of your favorite photos and memories. I am one of the world's biggest advocates of photo albums. I am not exaggerating when I say I look through my own weekly. This is a beautiful and timeless way to preserve and share your photos for generations to come.

All Signature Photo Albums include:

  • 12x8" book size
  • Handcrafted & leather bound
  • Front cover debossing
  • 20 archival & lay flat pages
  • Full design and delivery process curated by Rayna
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Your choice of leather color cover, debossing color, and paper type

Signature Photo Album Options

I. Cover Color

Hand-wrapped covers made with supple, genuine full-grain Italian & Vegan leathers.


metallic black, polar, blush, nightfall, mist, smokey mauve, redwood, deep marine, spruce, clay


Shadow, wave, coyote, spritz


Personalize your album cover with up to three lines of custom text in your choice of Black, White, Gold, or Silver foil (character limits apply).


A. Semi Gloss

Semi-Gloss paper produces lifelike color and realistic saturation with the finish of a traditional photo print.

B. Glossy

Glossy paper produces a high-gloss finish featuring rich colors with the look and texture of a traditional photo print.

C. Deep Matte

Deep Matte paper is lustreless, featuring a buttery-soft surface with fine art appeal.